Tuesday, March 31, 2009

That was scary.

I talked to my trainer and she'll be coming back to give lessons to me and another girl. She's not leaving us high and dry. :) *sigh* It just scared me because my mom was the one that told me and she made it sound like she was bailing completely. Sorry I kinda panicked. ^^'

The losers I mentioned might be getting kicked out. I don't know yet. But they're the reason for all the conflict. I'm not going into details because it's complicated and the post would be ten feet long, but the BO isn't happy with them. There's talk of somebody getting booted out, but I have no further knowledge. Oy, the drama. I bet the horses are sitting in their stalls rolling their eyes.

On another note, I'm at the end of my rope with this other idiot at the barn. We'll call her C, as I mentioned in the other blog. C is completely and utterly besotted when it comes to horses. She claims she's been around horses all her life and is a textbook know-it-all. You can't tell this broad anything.

C recently bought her 9-year-old daughter a 7-year-old pony named Jack. Jack isn't broke. He isn't even quiet on the ground, for that matter. Spooks at everything.

Well, C had her girl on the unbroke, spooky, high-strung pony for the first time a couple days ago, with no helmet. The pony reared, no surprise there, and scared the shit out of the poor kid. Nobody was hurt, but that could have easily ended badly.

Last summer I caught her with her 2 kids on a green Arab gelding that's about as reliable as a loose cannon. Again, no helmets, no stirrups, and with a saddle that didn't fit him. I swear to God she never learns a thing. We had a horse break a girl's leg last fall. The girl walked behind the mare, the mare kicked out at another horse, and the girl inevitably got nailed. C was right there, and was actually the one that determined that her leg was broken. And yet she puts her own kids in unsafe situations almost every time I see her.

It's not just her kids. She cross ties horses by the bit, lets the reins hang down over the horses' heads and drag on the ground (just asking to get caught around the horse's legs), and she leaves horses in the arena, completely unattended while fully tacked. Plus she has none of her own equipment so she uses everybody else's stuff. A horse rolled a while ago with the saddle and bridle on, and C just laughed it off. HELLO, that was the BO's saddle. It could have broken the tree. Lucky for her, the tack escaped unscathed.

She rides horses that aren't hers, too. She rides like a neanderthal. She has no seat, totally forward, and she wears her stirrups so long she has to point her toes to reach them. My trainer has offered several times to fix her stirrups, and she just says she's fine. On top of her atrocious riding skills, she rides those horses into the ground. After we got back from the show, she tacked Reba up again and rode her. I didn't stay long enough to see the horror, but suffice it to say that Reba is in no shape to be doing any hard riding. She's in her early 20's, and pretty underweight. Not emaciated or anything, but far from ideal. She does it with every horse she rides. And she NEVER warms up or cools down. She goes in the arena and right off the bat starts trotting and cantering. She even rides them right after they eat. She never picks their hooves, and only grooms them the bare minimum. Lord knows I'd never let her touch Victor. Even though he'd probably dump her ass on the ground in 30 seconds flat. lol I'd love to see that.

This is funny. I let her ride Norman once, and she couldn't get him to do anything. She got him to walk left and right, but other than that, he completely ignored her. XD Granted, I was watching the whole time and it was only for a few minutes. But it was amusing.

She also took a 30-year-old mare with laminitis and arthritis on a 3 hour trail ride while she had overgrown hooves. The mare belongs to C's cousin, who's also a moron and hardly lifts a finger when it comes to his horses. Hence the long-overdue farrier visit. It's a miracle that poor horse can still walk. Just one more reason to kick their asses out. I hate watching horses get treated like that.

The part that really makes me mad is that C sees the other people doing things correctly and riding with proper posture and she never changes. Is she really that blind and dumb that she doesn't realize she's doing anything wrong? Or is she that arrogant to think that everyone else is doing things wrong? I've heavily implied many times that letting the reins drag on the ground and cross tying the bits is a vet call waiting to happen, yet it's like talking to a brick wall. You can't tell her anything. It gives me the willies just watching her in the barn. But it's not my place to directly tell her when she's doing something stupid since the BO loves her and I'd probably get in trouble. That would not be good.

I'm done ranting for now. Just had to get that out. I'm a little frustrated.


  1. Yay that you still have a trainer! I know it's really been weighing on you.

    Pardon my French, but how the FUCK does she get away with riding other peoples' horses? If I pulled that shit at the barns I used to ride at, I would have gotten harshly reprimanded at best, and more likely asked to leave and never come back.

    I'm surprised the barn owner puts up with it; this woman must be a huge liability.

    Someone needs to show her that old video that's floating around somewhere that they use to scare instructors getting certified into always wearing helmets. I hear it's terrifying.

  2. She supposedly has permission to ride this one mare who's owner is never out there. Reba.

    And the BO gave her permission to ride that Arab. And the other 2 mares she rides belong to her cousin, who lets her ride them at her discretion.

    I'll see if I can find that video.

  3. glad to hear your trainer is still in the picture...