Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More show shtuff.

Here's a video clip of the equitation class. I'm well aware that my leg position is atrocious and I'm working on fixing it. :P The main focus is intended for Victor.

The equitation class again.
And my angled heels. lol

Oh! This is off topic, but I rode Norman yesterday and we worked on cantering. He's picking it up pretty well, and he has a lovely gait as long as he's collected. Everyone laughs at him, but he'll make a decent hunter jumper once he's got more schooling. He's soo overweight right now, though. My mom insisted on feeding him way more than he needed. She thought he needed lots of food since he's big. (She means well, but she really doesn't know much about horses). I put a stop to the excess grain. Despite his size, he's like an air fern. He keeps on next to nothing and is notorious for becoming chubby. I feel bad for him. ;( But his training is going well. Hopefully he'll get in shape this summer.

This is kinda funny. My dad said he wants to trade Norman for a paint. My dad knows absolutely nothing about horses. First of all, Norman is an exceptional 4-year-old. He needs some miles on him, but is an overall great horse. He's sound, hardy, young. Nothing wrong with him. Second of all, horses aren't like cars. You can't just trade them in every once in a while when you decide you like another type better. And it's really not his concern because he's not a horse person and I'm the one that feeds, rides, and takes care of them.

Especially in this economy, I would never part with a horse if I could help it. You have no clue where they might end up and you have no control over what happens to them after you sell them. Any horse could end up in a feedlot. Very scary. I would die if, God forbid, that ever happened to any of my horses.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to more shows this spring. Especially halter classes. :)
I also hope to start doing higher jumps if my trainer ever lets us. lol

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