Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just got back from my second lesson

And I blacked out halfway through and had to quit early. I'm shocked at how out of shape I am. Yes, it was hot out, but I used to be able to maintain a working trot for an hour straight in this weather without a problem. It's so incredibly frustrating. I feel like a blob when I'm on the horse. It feels terrible. Kudos to poor Hershey for putting up with my flabbiness with such a patient attitude. He's a pretty cool horse. Always such a gentleman. ;)

But... Ugghh. I've never had to stop early before. I'm exceedingly mad at myself. Lorena would be so disappointed if she saw that. I know exactly what she'd say, too. "How the Hell could you be tired?! I taught you better than that, Miss Thang!"

Yep. That's what she'd say.

I need to start riding my own horses. Victor has gotten fat. He and I are a couple of lard asses right now. What a pair we make. XDDD