Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Excuse me while I explode with excitement.

Okayokayokay, so...

My trainer wants to breed a foal from this awesome Paint stallion. I forgot his name, but I know it has Hustler in it. He's tall, piebald, and knock-out gorgeous.

Problem was, my trainer's horse is 30 years old and not what you would consider breeding material. The barn owner, however, has a beautiful chestnut Thoroughbred mare who's about 10 years old. My trainer's 2 favorite breeds are Paints and TB's, so it'd be perfect. :)

And the BO gave the okay!

Here's Jessie.

Keep in mind, this is not a flattering picture. I'll get better pictures of everybody once the weather warms up and they shed their winter coats.

I'm picturing it... If all goes well, the colt will be amazing.

I do have double feelings about it, though. I'm excited, but the economy is in the toilet and I really hope she makes sure she can afford to support a foal. I'm sure she will.

On another note, I have more good news.
To make a long story short, there's this mare my mom's friend came across one day. She was a decent weight, but was all alone in a decrepit old pasture with cement and weeds and rotting debris everywhere. Her shelter was a cruddy little lean-to that looked about ready to collapse. The friend called animal control and they said they couldn't do anything because she was a good weight and her feet were trimmed.

Well, my mom and I went out to look at her, and it was shocking, to say the least. The pasture was nothing but weeds and garbage and the horse was in the lean-to, just staring off into space like a freakin zombie. Lord knows how long it'd been since she'd even seen another horse. She was a good weight, but her mane and tail were matted with burrs. She came right up to us when I called her and was really sweet. She's a strawberry roanish color with hazel eyes (yep, hazel. It was so cool).

She was pretty, but one look at her from a knowledgeable horse person and you'd know she was going stark raving mad being left alone and having little to no contact from other living things.

Mom's friend contacted the owner, and he was kind of nasty at first and basically thought everyone should just butt out. That went on for months, and now it's February. The friend visits the horse all the time. She was walking around the pasture and the horse stayed at her shoulder the whole time, but she couldn't find any water source, so we think the horse has been eating snow. A neighbor is the one that's been feeding her.

The friend couldn't take it anymore, so she left a note on the fence saying she would take the horse if the owner would part with her. And guess what?

The owner called her up and said she could have her!

Hooray!!! :D I don't know when she's getting her, but the horse will be kept at a boarding barn temporarily until the friend can get a barn built on her own property. I'm just hoping everything goes okay and the horse is healthy. She hasn't been kept up on with shots or deworming, so I'm kinda worried. We'll have to wait and see. I can't wait till they get her outa there.

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