Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm so proud of my Normy

He was such a good boy today, as usual. My friends and I barrel raced a little bit. Norman could only trot around the tight turns, of course, but he did good for being so ginormous. XD

I love his trot. It's all lofty and smooth. I could trot on him all day.

I didn't ride Victor, 1) because I was too late for the lesson and 2) because I just had a feeling he was going to be a poop. It's no use trying to ride him if he's in a pissy mood. Our last two lessons were completely unproductive because he's so pent up. I can't wait for the grass pastures to open up. They've all been stuck in the dry lot since November. Them Thoroughbreds need to get out and run.

I still don't consider that a good excuse for being a butthead, but I didn't feel like dealing with his crap today.

That horse is too damn good-looking for his own britches. That's pretty much the only reason I put up with him. That and because he's a good jumper. And he's much better in the warmer weather. I lunged him over trot poles today, and it took him a while to get back into the swing of things. He jumped over all three of them for the first 10 minutes, but he figured them out eventually. A few months off and he gets that rusty. I think I'm gonna have to re-desensitize him to the clippers again. I haven't done his bridle path since October and he looks all scruffy. I did Norman's today, though.

Overall good day.

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