Monday, February 9, 2009

Your dream horse?

I was thinking...

If I could smoosh Vic and Norman together into one horse, that would be a perfect horse. My ideal horse would have Norman's temperament, smoothness, and long, thick mane and tail. And he would have Victor's size, jumping ability, speed, and stamina.

I love both my boys and wouldn't trade them for any other horse in the world, but they're not perfect. No horse is. Victor's quirky, spooky, and unpredictable under saddle. I have to be on my toes constantly with him. However, he's gentle as a kitten and has impeccable ground manners.

Norman tries to be gentle, but it just doesn't work. XD He's so big. His ground manners aren't perfect. But he is a lot more relaxed under saddle. You can practically fall asleep on his back and not have to worry. And he's like riding a big ol' couch.
I don't know how he is around traffic, though... I've never ridden him near the road. I'm kinda scared to. If that horse bolts, I might as well try and stop a freight train. He'd probably be okay following other horses, but I can't be sure.

Off topic, but it's finally warming up!
The snow is going away! Muahahaha!!! >:D
I've seen enough snow to last me the rest of my life. I can't wait for spring. And shiny summer coats. And grass pastures. And the outdoor arena. And trail rides.


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