Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Potential new barn.

My mom found a lady that's offering free board in exchange for help with her horse and around the barn. She apparently has a Percheron gelding that she drives, and is looking at purchasing a Percheron filly.

We're going out to look at the place on Monday. You never know what to expect, but I'm crossing my fingers.

The lady told my mom she would be willing to teach Norman and I to drive. :) She's got all the equipment for it, and Norman is the perfect horse for it. She also knows someone who shows American Creams. You know how hard it is to find people who have even heard of them? It's crazy.


  1. Hopefully you can move there! =]

  2. That sounds like it has a lot of potential. Good luck, I hope it works out! Keep us posted.