Friday, May 8, 2009

HA! I don't think so!

My trainer called me up with a very interesting piece of information.
She had just talked to the BO and apparently she has a new instructor going out there to give lessons regularly. I met the lady once, and I thought she was a little bizarre. I got the impression that her head was up in the clouds or something. I wouldn't take lessons from her if she was the last horse person on the planet.

My trainer asked what horses she was planning to use for lessons, and it sounds like the BO wants to volunteer our horses! Ours, as in my two and my trainer's old grade mare, Missy. (My trainer still owns one of her horses. Long story.)

She just seems to think she can do whatever she wants with Norman. She sees him as this docile little angel who will pack around anyone without drama. I don't know where the HELL she got that idea, but I think she wants to use him for lessons. I don't think she'd try to use Victor, but I'm not sure about Norman. And I know she wants to use Missy. But that's not going to happen.

Excuse me for going beyond my rights, but I will NOT have complete strangers (and beginners) plodding around on my horses. That's an absolute no-no for so many reasons. If the BO mentions it to me, I'm going to make it very clear that no one has permission to be on my horses.

Lord have mercy.


  1. What if she just goes ahead and does it?

    Get your horses out of there FAST.


  2. If she does, or even remotely suggests that she might, I'm high-tailing it out of there and she'll never see me or my horses again.

    I need to get a place lined up first, before I can think about moving them anywhere. That barn I mentioned isn't for sure yet. My trainer is looking at a place as well.