Friday, November 19, 2010


Well, we might be getting a pony and donkey from my mom's friend who doesn't want hers anymore because her son lost interest.

I do not want them. And frankly, we can't really afford them right now. That's two more vet bills, two more farrier bills, two more mouths to feed. And our pasture isn't big enough for two more critters. I told my mom that if the friend doesn't want them, she can just sell them. We need more horses like we need a hole in the head. We don't even have anywhere to put them! There's no more room in the barn. And we only have one pasture. We'd have to fence off part of the back yard, but that isn't an option right this minute because the ground is frozen. And they would have no shelter. We would have to buy a run-in shed, and those things aren't cheap. I just don't see how it would work.

I know my mom has always wanted a donkey, but now is just not the right time.

Please, just say no.

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