Monday, September 28, 2009

Victor got beat up again. D;

Levi is a bully. Vic had new owies on him when I went out yesterday. And Levi went after him (again) when I put them back out after feeding them. Lorena seems to think it'll blow over. I think not. But I've been wrong before, so we'll see. The way I see it, a horse is hard-wired to be the way he is and you can't change it any more than you can change someone's personality. I hope I'm wrong because I do not want to have to put up with my horse getting chewed up every time I turn around.



  1. I would watch them very carefully...My horse was in with a nasty tb about a year ago. The tb was very food protective and if my horse came to near, he would snap at him and chase him off.

    This eventually led into bigger fights even when there was no food. The barn owner told me they were "playing" and I thought it looked like really heavy and painful playing but, whatever, I am the new owner and she is the 50+ years of experience.

    She changed her mind when her tb almost had its back broken by my horse. Cass had reared up and landed right on the part of the tb's back where it connects to his butt. The tb still isn't completely normal, although he is back to jumping, and if the barn owner had not been a multimillionaire, he would have had to have been put down just because of the outrageous costs.

    My horse does not wear shoes and is not normally violent. This was just a situation that was allowed to escalate until he was very very angry. THis is also a situation that could have easily been avoided by switching pastures or changing turnout times.

  2. I know how you feel. In Jasmine's previous home we was constantly beat up and piked on by a "queen of the bitches" mare. A reason why she is bit mean and why her mane is chewed up.

  3. I would get him out of there!! This does not sound like something that will just blow over. I have had horses that could not be in together. Mares and geldings. Since Levi has recently been gelded; he should be allowed to decompress with out the stress of being with mares and geldings and all the issues of male and female. Stick to your guns. This is your horse and you PAY to keep him safe. He is not safe when he is being attacked by another horse.

  4. Just had another thought. If he has been gelded and is still exhibiting stallion behavior; has he had a testosterone test done? Could he be a cryptorchid? Just wondering......