Sunday, November 15, 2009

We have a new boarder.

The lady seems nice enough. She made a good first impression, and she seems to really care about her horse. Her mare is REALLY cute (tall, well built, bay roan appaloosa). They just got here yesterday and I was told it took them four hours to get the mare into the trailer. O.O That's almost worse than Norman. lol

I don't know how long she'll be staying, however. I think she's already unhappy. She's paying full board and I don't think she was informed that she has to clean her own stall and whatnot. I hope it works out because she's really friendly and we could use more reasonable people there.

It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.


  1. Last I heard, full board meant stalls cleaned, horses fed and watered, turn-out according to owner wishes, etc. Am I on the wrong planet?

  2. Nope, you're right on target.
    The BO has her head in the clouds. She calls it "full board" when someone pays $300 or more for board. She fails to understand that full board means full service. I think she justifies her outrageous prices because she thinks she's cheaper than barns in the suburbs. I think that's the way she sees it.

    I just shake my head and walk away when she does things like that.

  3. How the hell does she manage to keep clients if she treats them like that?

  4. She doesn't.

    The only reason people are there at all is because most of us keep horses there in exchange for labor. She's chased plenty of paying boarders away. I'm not really involved with the BO, I just go out and do my own thing. That's how I get by.