Sunday, August 16, 2009


I guess Cynthia is now being all buddy-buddy with the BO and kissing her ass like there's no tomorrow. I think she's trying to get the rest of us kicked out.

A few weeks ago, Cynthia trucked in a load of hay that was all brown and moldy and it stunk up the whole section of the barn. My mom (and a few other people) pointed it out to her and suggested that she take it back. She refuses to believe that there's anything wrong with the hay and she plans on feeding it to her pony and Mitch's two mares. Which everyone advised them not to do, but of course they don't listen.

My trainer was there yesterday, and she noticed that Mariah (Mitch's 30+ year old Arab mare who is foundered and arthritic) was dragging her feet and seemed stiffer than usual. You could tell she was uncomfortable. My trainer asked Cynthia if Mariah was eating that bad hay, and Cynthia goes, "no, absolutely not."

Lorena went into her stall and reached into her feeder. The hay was black.

Not only did Cynthia lie straight to my trainer's face, but that poor horse is eating garbage.

Earlier, Lorena pointed out that there was white fuzzy mold all over the hay as well. Cynthia's excuse was, and I quote, "It's thistle. That's just how thistle dries."

Obviously, it got rained on at some point and I don't think it's even this year's hay. It looks more like straw and stinks to high heaven. And Mitch and Cynthia can't find anything wrong with it. Their horses are going to end up sick or worse.



  1. Get out of there ASAP!


  2. I would if I could afford it. Trust me. As soon as I find a place we can afford, we're pulling out. I'm not happy there any more, the management has gone to hell, and the dumb bitch isn't leaving any time soon. I've been on the hunt for a new barn for a while and so far I can't find anything that's less than 45 minutes away and a decent price.

    My mom wants to buy a farm, but I don't see that happening any time soon. I just have to keep searching.

  3. That woman needs a bitch slap. xP Is she blind to the hay problem. Is she one that is the manager of the barn or some sort of barn position, if so, getting good, quality hay for the barn should be a top priority.